1. Snapped4U Redo Coming Soon!

    Stayed tuned!

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  2. Grouping Galleries to Organize a Personal Page

    Photographers who use a Personal Gallery Page may find it helpful to occasionally group galleries. When a gallery is created, there’s an optional field called “Special Page Suffix.” An entry in that field will appear as a link on the Personal Gallery Page and all galleries that have that entry will appear together on the linked page.

    The screenshot below shows the results of using this option. There are many ways this feature can be used, but in this mockup, Joe Sample is the sports photographer at a local high school who also shoots occasional events at other schools. By creating links to each sports season, his gallery page is better organized and easier to navigate.

    Please email with any questions.

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  4. Re-post Old Galleries of Recurring Events

    Do you shoot recurring events? If so, consider re-posting old galleries. Old photos may often be even more interesting than the new ones!

    Be sure to use the Personal Gallery Page option so that you have just one url to share. Customers who visit will see all your active galleries.

    When you upload photos to your 2014 Annual Event Gallery, re-post the 2013 gallery, too.

    Visitors to your personal page will likely see both galleries, but use the gallery message box to make sure they do….. "Notice the 2013 gallery is also posted. Check out last year’s photo, too!"

    Promote the galleries by sharing your url on your Facebook page or website, and ask the event organizers to do the same!

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  5. Easier Gallery Edits!

    Photographers! Have you noticed that deleting photos from a gallery is now much easier? Previously, deleting a photo caused you to return to the gallery’s first page. Now you remain on the page of the deleted photo. Hope this proves to be a time-saving feature for you!

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  6. Create a Personal Gallery Page!

    Photographers —

    Eliminate the need to share a new link each time you publish a new gallery. Create a Personal Gallery Page exclusively of all your active galleries.

    Log in to your Snapped4U account and choose Edit Your Profile. In the Page Suffix field, enter your choice (suffix only) for your personal url.

    If you’d like to be the address of your Personal Page, then enter “greatshots” in the Page Suffix field. Then scroll down to click “Save Changes” and check out your new page!

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  7. Print Release Form

    Occasionally we learn that a customer has needed a Print Release in order for a photo-printing service to print purchases from Snapped4U. So photographers, below is a release you might find helpful.

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  9. Overdue!

    Looks like a post is long overdue!

    I usually like to announce features we’ve added, but this time I have to report we’ve removed one — The gallery visit counters are gone. They were very misleading because they didn’t count visitors, they counted visits and each page visit was counted separately. That had the potential to be very discouraging …. One visitor looking at a 300 photo gallery (7 pages) and visiting each page twice counted as 14 visits, so a photographer seeing 42 visits and no sales might be quite discouraged thinking 42 people had chosen not to buy the photos, when it was actually just 3 examining the gallery.

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  10. New Things for a New Year

    Happy New Year, Photographers!

    Here’s a couple of recent Snapped4U improvements you may not be aware of:

    1. The gallery list on your Account Page is better organized. Your galleries are now listed with the most recent galleries first, using the date created.

    2. You now have the option to have a personal gallery page that exclusively displays all your active galleries, and the best part is that you choose a custom url! eg,
    To set up your personal page, log in to your account and choose “Edit Your Profile.” By completing the new “Page Suffix” field, you’ll create your page. (Enter only the suffix, ie only what you want to follow “” — not the full url.)

    Cheers to a great 2013!

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  11. Selling a $10 photo? Compare your options!

    There’s a new app called Foap that sells photos as jpegs, and for anyone seriously looking for such a service, Snapped4U compares quite favorably! The outstanding difference is that a photographer who sells a $10 photo at Snapped4U receives $9; the photographer who sells it at Foap receives $5.

    Here are some other features to compare:

    • Foap is an app, Snapped4U is not, but photos can be uploaded and sold at Snapped4U whether they’re from a camera or a phone.
    • At Snapped4U, photographers have their own galleries, and each gallery is usually related to a single event or subject which makes photos easy to find.
    • Snapped4U rarely rejects a photo. The only photos we don’t allow are those we consider inappropriate. We make no judgement as to the quality of a photo.
    • Snapped4U offers 3 types of galleries. Event and Fundraising galleries are free to post. The third option, Photographer’s Choice, has a $4 posting fee for 2 months of posting.
    • Both the Photographer’s Choice and the Fundraising options let the photographer set the photo price.
    • For all Snapped4U gallery types, the sales commission is $0.50 on photos priced $5 or less and 10% on all others.

    Now that Foap is drawing attention to selling photos as jpegs, please help spread the word that Snapped4U is a great way to do it!

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  12. New Improvements at Snapped4U!

    1. The number of sales for each gallery is displayed on the account page.

    This will make the calculation of the donation for fundraising galleries much easier. Plus, photographers will likely also appreciate being able to compare the success of their galleries at a quick glance.

    2. Photographers can purchase multiple posting periods for Photographer’s Choice Galleries.

    Event Galleries and Fundraising Galleries rarely have sales past the first month, but they can still be renewed one posting period at a time. Because Photographer’s Choice Galleries are often a longer-term posting, we now give photographers the convenience of purchasing multiple posting periods so that it’s not necessary to renew every 2 months.

    3. Customer gallery searches are more forgiving.

    (e.g., fund-raising = fundraising = fund raising; governor’s = governors)

    4. The gallery page informs customers of the advantages of digital files.

    Previously we simply said photos are sold as jpeg files, but now we point out the benefits.

    5. Customers now have a convenient way to return to their shopping cart.

    Previously, some customers would put a photo in their cart, return to the gallery to continue browsing, and then not know how to return to their cart. This should no longer be a problem.

    Check it out and tell your friends!

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  13. Kudos to … . . Us!

    Photographer Steve Mease is fundraising for a college scholarship fund with several Snapped4U galleries of the school’s commencement. Steve posted this on our Timeline:

    "Thanks to Snapped4U for making it easy to post hundreds of photos and make them available to a broad audience. Hoping this works and helps raise a lot of money for the scholarship fund. I put together 4 galleries into a blog post to make it easy for people to find."

    Champlain College News: Commencement Photos to Benefit Scholarship Fund

    Thanks, Steve! And good luck with the fundraising!

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  14. Update

    Our kudos to Photographer Tom Maxwell are in need of an update! Tom used a New Year’s Eve gala as a fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Association, and some recent sales from that gallery have pushed his success past $500! Great job, Tom!

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  15. Financial & Legal Matters for Photographers

    We recently posted these articles on our Facebook page, and they got a good response from our fans, so here they are again! Please use them only as food for thought, and then consult your own attorney or accountant.

    Your Rights as a Photographer

    Understanding Photographic Copyright

    Deductions for Donating Photography to Charities

    How Should I Donate Business Sales to Charity?

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